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16 Thing to Do in Manchester

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re in Manchester, going there soon, or even just thinking about going there, in this article I will give you all the reasons why you absolutely should pack your bags and book your tickets!

There are countless things to do in Manchester, the city guarantees you an incredible collection of various experiences, whatever you need, whatever you have in mind, you will find it, and you will enjoy it.

Thing to Do in Manchester

Given that this city of full of attractions and places to visit and enjoy, we cannot cover it all in one article, yet, we will cover the top 15 places that we know for sure that you will enjoy!

Below, we will call out for you, either you’re an artist, obsessed with history, in love with marine life, food lover, addicted to football, or adventure seeker, we will also provide some places that we know you’ll need through your trip.

Architecture and History

Whether you have interest in history and architecture or not, you must know that Manchester is extremely rich with historical places, and is also known for its fascinating architecture. Your trip won’t count without paying a visit to some its most important historical attractions.

Manchester Museum

Although is place is temporarily closed for redevelopment, we had to mention it anyway, and we’re pretty excited about how it will turn to be! Manchester Museum is in the campus of the Manchester University, the building offers four floors of wonders, contains over 4 million items for you to check and learn about.

The place is completely free of charge, and is normally open daily from 10am to 5pm, but given the current development, they are thoughtful enough to provide you a full experience online!

You can check their “from home” experience through this link, and you can also visit their website.

Manchester Cathedral

Would you like to go back in time? Well, until they invent an actual time machine, let’s get to our first stop, going back in time to the 15th century, in Manchester Cathedral, where history speaks.

This building has a lot of stories to tell, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning all about it, and you can take some amazing pictures with only one pound, but other than that, the place is free of charge.

You can find it in Victoria Street, open Sunday to Thursday from 8:30am to 6:30pm, Friday and Saturday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. You can get to know more about it through their website.

Castlefield in Manchester

When was the last time that you got to breathe some fresh air while looking at one of the most fascinating views in the world? Have you ever been to Castlefield in Manchester? If you haven’t, this is your sign to put it on your list.

The neighborhood is located in the southwest of Central Manchester, the place is all about history, natural views and trendy pictures, you can eat, shop, and you can also find a place to stay with whatever budget you have, this place literally has it all!


We all know that Manchester is famous for football, and even if you’re not a football fan –which I doubt- you just can’t visit Manchester without visiting these places:

Old Trafford

If you’re a fan of the Manchester United Club, then I would really recommend to sync your visit to a match in this stadium, you wouldn’t want to miss it, but also if you’re not such a big fan of the club or football in general, you can still enjoy the tour you get throughout the stadium, learning about the club, and living the real Manchester United experience.

For more details about the place and when to visit please check their website.

Etihad Stadium

This one is for the Manchester City club fans, again, I have to recommend trying to attend an actual game for the full experience, and if you’re not a football fan, I still recommend to visit the stadium and get the full tour, living and walking through the stadium is a completely different from watching the game on TV, trust me.

Your visit can take maximum 2 hours, and you can book your tickets, or check for any further details through their website.

National Football Museum

You can’t visit Manchester without passing by the biggest football museum in the whole world! This place will teach you everything there is to know about football, how it became The Game.

The museum is about the history of football, how this game is a huge part of our world’s culture, and also offers tours and exhibitions for you to explore.

For further details about the museum and their tickets, check their website.

Arts and Culture

There’s a quote that says “Art is a way of Survival” and I stand by that, if you do too, then Manchester can blow your mind with all the artistic attractions it offers.

John Rylands Library

I’m a reader and I’m calling out to all the readers, artists, or really anyone with a fancy taste, this library is a must see, the architecture there is breath-taking, and it is the third largest academic library in the United Kingdom!

John Rylands Library holds one of the finest collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives in the world that encompass almost all the landmarks of printing through five centuries from magnificent illustrated books, examples of fine printing, landmark works in typography, key historical texts and exquisite book bindings.

The library is free for everyone to visit and they have a digital library for the special collection, you can also visit their website for further details.

People’s History Museum

The People’s History Museum is an amazing place to learn more about the history of the United Kingdom and their culture and politics. People’s history Museum tells the story of the history of Great Britain and about people’s lives at home, work and leisure over the last 200 years.

The museum prides itself by being the home of ideas worth fighting for where they can motivate whomever visits it to shape the future whether it’s with democracy, equality or justice.

The museum is free to enter and enjoy as it’s owned by a charity and from people’s experience the staff there is very friendly and will help guide you and explain whatever you don’t understand. They also have a website for you to check to plan your visit.

Manchester Opera House

The Manchester Opera House is the place you head to when you want to see some good quality theatre arts, musicals, ballets or anything you deem sophisticated. The building itself looks wonderful with a very classical style that’s very charming. It has 1920 seats that all can see the stage and it has wheelchair spaces.

Sadly, I can’t tell you what you can watch there at this current moment but you can book your tickets and check what shows they have on and at what time by visiting their very easy to use website.

Hotspots and sightseeing

Manchester is really known for football but what some people don’t know is that it has a very distinct style of life. People there really like craft beers, coffee and there are very diverse cuisines, bars and clubs to enjoy.

Sea Life

Sea Life is a huge aquarium in Manchester and it’s amazing if you have children or want to experience one of the best aquariums you can visit. Sea Life is the home for many species of sharks, fish, turtles, crabs and more!

Your kids will really enjoy their time in there. You can visit the ocean tunnel where you can see the fish swimming around you. You can also visit their Rocky Hideout where you will see some other fish living in their natural habitat in the simulated cave systems. They also plan a lot of events for you and your family to enjoy.

You can check their ticket prices and opening time by checking their website and you can book your tickets in advance.

Rock Over Climbing

For people who love adrenaline and adventure, Manchester has the place for you. Rock Over Climbing is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and best indoor bouldering and rock-climbing centers. It’s great for kids and adults alike! You can go with your kids and enjoy a cup of coffee while your kids enjoy their time. The staff there are very helpful and will keep you and your kids safe.

To book your ticket you can visit their website and get to know more details.


To hammer home that Manchester has a very diverse culture, Manchester has a Chinatown! Manchester’s Chinatown is the second largest in the UK so you’re guaranteed a wide choice of high-quality restaurants, bakeries and shops. You can do your shopping, enjoy a nice cup of tea or if you’re there during the Chinese New Year, you’re up for a treat! They celebrate the new-year with shows, fireworks and more! The buildings there are beautiful and scream Chinese heritage!

Fun and Parties

No matter how much we love to learn about art and history, we can all agree that we love to have fun, and below are some of the finest options for you to spend some unforgettable nights!

The Washroom

The Washroom is the most unique place you can visit in Manchester. On the outside it will look like a regular laundromat, however, if you really look into it, you’ll find out it’s one of the best hidden clubs in the United Kingdom!

When you enter The Washroom, you’ll find the washing machine on the wall and it’s looking normal, however, if you hit a button on the telephone near the washing machine and ask to “do a load” the machine will be the door to enjoy one of the best experiences out there!

You can reach them by going to their website.

The Comedy Store

Do you enjoy comedy shows? Do you love good food and nice ambient music? The Comedy Store in Manchester offers a unique blend of standup comedy, nice food and music. Every week from the best and funniest comedians on the circuit take to the stage to entertain the visitors. They also have a different comedy night every Sunday to round off the weekend.

I can guarantee you’ll find a show you’ll love and laugh with. You can book your tickets from their website and see what shows are running on the day of your booking.

Band on the Wall

If you love jazz or want to experience really good live music shows then Band on the Wall in Manchester is an amazing destination for you! It’s one of the oldest and most influential places in British music. It’s a multi award winning venue with live music shows every day! You can check their Youtube channel for previous shows as they archive every show they host, that alone can tell you how much the owners love music and will show the best of the best. The Band on the wall is run by a charity. You can book and see what shows are there on their website.

What we suggested is just scratching the surface of what you can do and see in the city of Manchester. The city has a very rich history and a lot to do and see for everyone whatever their age may be. The people there will be pleased to guide you to the best local spots and the best hidden gems.

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